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Auction Sentry has been the #1 desktop eBay auction sniping program since its release in 2001. It's the best selling eBay snipe software you can run from your computer.

  • Save Time - No more waiting for the end of eBay auctions; just set your max bid and let our bidding software automatically bid for you.
  • Save Money - Avoid costly bidding wars on eBay by letting us bid your max at the last second.
  • Win More - Watch and set your bids to help you win more eBay auctions.

How It Works

Automatic Bidding Software
Just enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay and walk away. In the last seconds of the auction our eBay snipe software will automatically place your bid for you.

Don't waste your time babysitting your bids on eBay auctions. Avoid ugly bidding wars and shill bidding.

Use Auction Sentry as your eBay snipe software and start winning more today!

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I gave up on eBay some time ago because after all the research and work of finding what I want, I would lose because I was not fast enough or not awake when the auction ended. Since using your program I have won every auction this month I have bid on.
Dr. Jeffrey Cassis

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